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Our Leadership

Executive Committee

Richard Anthony, Chair

Harvey "Pete" Donaldson, Vice-Chair

Dr. Mike Wells, President

Cara Russell, Vice-President

Darrell Thomas, Communications Officer
Anna Copeland

Scholarship Committee

Dr. Mike Wells, Co-Chair,
Four-Year Scholarship

Anna Copeland, Co-Chair, International Scholarship Program

Cara Russell

Darrell Thomas

Doris Tyler

Chelsea Dawn Baldwin is the 2021 Andalusia High School Scholarship Foundation recipient.

Investment Committee

Dr. Bill King

Ivan Bishop

Mike Jones


2017 Fellowship Scholarship winners Carson Posey and Jeremy Boyd at the University of Cambridge.

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Board of Trustees

Emirati Members

Allen Jones

Hazel Jordan

Bill Petty

2018 Fellowship Scholarship Recipients Taran Carrasco and Peyton Prevett on their way to the University of Cambridge.


Dr. Bill Albritton 

Tom Albritton

Richard Anthony

Merle Findley Bass

Linda Brent

Ivan Bishop

Anna Copeland

Harvey Pete Donaldson

Ellen Flinn

Michele Gerlach

Mayor Earl Johnson

Mike Jones

Tim Kay

Dr. Bill King

Norma Jackson

John Northrop

Cara Russell

Suan Salter

Darrell Thomas

John Thompson

Doris Tyler

John Vick

Buddy Waller

Ted Watson
Dr. Ashton Wells, III 

Dr. Mike Wells

Greg White

Sue Wilson

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