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W. Robert Brown Outstanding Graduates 

Recognition  Class        Recipient

2007   1948   W. Robert Brown

2008   1948   Murray J. Findley

2009   1965   Jim Krudop, PhD

2009   1988   Robert Horry

2010   1939   Charles G. Brooks, Sr.

2010   1991   Benjamin W. Roberts, MD

2011   1961   Richard A. Robertson

2011   1954   Jack L. Sasser, EdD

2012   1965   Paula Sue Duebelt

2012   1939   Edward N. Henderson

2012   1965   Earl Johnson

2012   1942   Sidney G. Waits

2013   1964   Richard Anthony

2013   1961   Suzanne Brown Fornaro

2013   1972   Roger Powell

2013   1948   Suan Riley Salter

2013   1947   Shelby Searcy

2014   1948   Rudy Bray

2014   1969   William G. King, Jr.

2014   1963   Leslie W. Rue, PhD

2014   1978   DeJuan Stroud

2015   1984   Kimberly Hutcherson, MD

2015   1965   James W. Purdy, MD

2015   1958   John Vick

2015   1968   Mike Wells, MD

2016   1959   William C.Hansford, MD

2016   1962   Michael L. Jones

2017   1963   Ivan Bishop

2017   1961   Pete Donaldson

2017   1950   Doris B. Tyler

2017   1954   Charles A. Vickery

2017   1962   Johnnie B. Vinson

2018   1972   Nathaniel “Buddy" Waller

2018   1967   William G. Cumbie Jr. MD

2018   1953   John W. Anderson, Jr.

2018   1968   John O. Northrop, Jr.

2018   1967   Michael Hartwell

2016   1959   Jeddo Bell

2019   1965   Sue Bass Wilson

2019   1949   Janette Burke Carroll

2019   1983   Darrell Thomas

2019   1985   Thomas B. Albritton

2019   1985   Cara Beste Russell

2021   1960   Bill Albritton

2021   1972   Sam Johnson

2021   1948   Allen Jones

2021   1985   Mike Jones, Jr.

2022   1988   Claude Burnett 

2022   1964   Sam Craven 

2022   1965   Sam Nichols 

2022   1961   Margo Russell 

2022   1993   Lee Wilson

The W. Robert Brown Outstanding Graduate Award is presented annually coinciding with the Andalusia High School Homecoming festivities.  The Committee presents a certificate and a commemorative gift to the honoree at a reception at Andalusia City Hall.  The recipients are then honored during the Andalusia High School Homecoming Parade. In addition, the recipient will receive an honorary membership in the Class of 1948 Foundation.  Honorees who cannot attend the reception to receive the honor will be inducted during a future reception.

Originally named the Outstanding Graduate Award, the first award was presented in 2007 to W. Robert Brown, a graduate of Andalusia High School, Class of 1948. Subsequently, this award was renamed in honor of Mr. Brown in recognition of his many contributions to Andalusia High School, including his donations that helped establish the Heritage Room at Andalusia High School, which provides a secure place for the school’s valuable memorabilia.

Nominations and Eligibility
Nominees must be a graduate of Andalusia High School, Covington County Training School, Ralph Bunche High School, or Woodson High School. Nominations in writing may be received from any source. In addition, letters of support from any source are encouraged to accompany one’s nomination proposal. The deadline to submit nominations and letters of support is February 1. By May 1, the Committee will vote to determine who will receive the award. The Committee Chairperson will notify recipients. Nominees not selected for the honor will remain on file and be considered in subsequent years.

Online nomination forms can be printed, completed, and returned to:

Mrs. Suan Salter, Chairperson
W. Robert Brown Outstanding Graduate Committee
3406 Dragon Ridge Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32407

W. Robert Brown Outstanding Graduate Award Committee

Honorable Earl Johnson, Mayor of Andalusia, Chair

Michele Gerlach

John Thompson

Suan Salter

Ted Watson

Harvey "Pete" Donaldson

Richard Anthony

John Vick

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